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    30 Best Skull makeup look for Halloween 2021

    The best Skull makeup look is my favorite Halloween makeup. It is the perfect balance between weird and cute if appropriately handled: this is also an excellent excuse to use eyeshadow and super black eyeliner because they currently take up a lot of space in your makeup bag. The best part? Best Skull makeup can be applied to any skill, whether a professional treats face painting as an artist (please teach me) or an amateur who waits until October 31 to start makeup.

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    35 Gorgeous butterfly makeup aesthetic to mark up

    We have selected 35 gorgeous butterfly makeup to inspire your Halloween beauty! Before social media filters inspired by butterflies and goddesses monopolized our clothing choices, there was Heidi Klum, Hollywood's unofficial muse for Halloween. Before the advent of social media, let supermodels try out all the fabulous clothing ideas.

  • blue eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup

    How To Do Blue Eyeshadow And Eyeliner Makeup For Summer?

    Blue eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup are always fond of girls. If you put some gold powder on your eye makeup, it will be more attractive. Blue eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup are perfect for parties and gatherings. You can also create beautiful shiny blue and gold eyes for your new look. Blue? We have a feeling that this eye shadow trend will brighten up your day — and your eyes. Yes, blue eye shadow is making a comeback. But there’s no more ’80s craziness – now it’s all about wearing elegant shades like royal and navy. You may have seen some celebrities wearing this eye makeup. Want to know if you…

  • Blue eye makeup ideas for hot party and prom queen 2021!

    Blue eye makeup ideas for hot party and prom queen 2021!

    Blue eye makeup is one of the most fashionable makeup looks in this season’s sports. Although handling colors like blue can be tricky, we will try our best to simplify it for you. Check out the appearance of these blue eyeshadows and how to create them in this article. We cover:Blue eyeshadow is suitable for day party makeupWhen the project is over, the system automatically fills in Before we share how to show blue on your eyes, here is a quick tour of all the looks we will discuss: Blue Eye makeup for Prom makeup It is a simple look that you can reproduce by yourself because you only need…