Blue eye makeup ideas for hot party and prom queen 2021!

Blue eye makeup is one of the most fashionable makeup looks in this season’s sports. Although handling colors like blue can be tricky, we will try our best to simplify it for you. Check out the appearance of these blue eyeshadows and how to create them in this article.

We cover:
Blue eyeshadow is suitable for day party makeup
When the project is over, the system automatically fills in

Before we share how to show blue on your eyes, here is a quick tour of all the looks we will discuss:

Blue Eye makeup for Prom makeup

It is a simple look that you can reproduce by yourself because you only need to play with one eye shadow color. After applying the fundus or primer:

  1. Apply the eye shadow on the eyelids with a flat brush.
  2. Use the brush under the eye to create a smearing effect.
  3. Tap something shiny with your index finger (or use a meeting that you find more accessible).
  4. Use a highlighter under the eyebrow line and the inner corner of the eye.

Blue eyeliner to extend your eye

Blue eyeliner makeup is popular because it involves several colors, glitter, and a new technique (cutting and crease). Use the fundus to make a primer. First, apply dark blue eyeshadow on the crease line and the outer corner of the eye. When the project is over, the system will automatically fill in the content and reapply the fundus from your inner corner to the middle of the eyelid. Then apply the sky blue eyeshadow to the end of the eyes and gently blend with the royal blue eyeshadow. When the project is over, the system automatically fills in the content. It uses a sapphire eyeliner on the upper lash line and a royal blue eyeliner on the waterline to complete the appearance.

Blue eye makeup is slightly similar to the previously described appearance, and the only difference is that it is more suitable for evening wear. The technique used is a half-cut crease. Use black and brown eyeshadow to blend to form a crease line and combine the brown. From the eyelid’s inner corner to the middle, reapply the fundus to one-third of the eyelid. Apply sapphire eyeshadow on the top of the eye fundus. And second Apply black eyeshadow on the outer corners and blend it lightly with blue. Apply a winged black eyeliner on your lash line and waterline. On the crease line, apply golden glitter eyeliner, starting from the middle, merge with the winged eyeliner. You are using some blue eyeshadow and applying golden glitter eyeliner from the beginning to the middle of the lash line under the eyes. Put on mascara, and voila, you have finished the shape of midnight blue eyes!

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