Cool And Dreamy Moon and Star Nails Art Designs With Lots of Tutorials and Ideas

Moon and star nails are very popular in our society and many women like the nails art in summer 2021. From the night sky to the oceans’ depths, this supernova model is one of nature’s unique parts. Every time you do a day, each of these drawings has an activity. Are you ready to emit light as if they were fireworks? These sumptuous star designs are so cute you can’t get them – here is something that fits everyone!

As for female horns or horns, there are many methods and arguments available. There are a few examples among the various topics women can choose from for nails, pretty game art, zebra nails, or floral nails. Stars are often associated with upbeat and positive things. Everyone is very fond of beautiful and fascinating stars. Today, in this post, we discuss and share a large number of fashion and creative art designs with you. Take a look at these series, which bring out the nails. You can choose one and try it out. It is a great way to show your personality.

Fabulous moon and star nails inspire the imagination of your dreamers. The fact that summer nails are technically over does not mean that we have to abandon the fun and colorful nail design. We think you’ll enjoy some inspiration in this season of change, so what’s better than slipping into the magical wonderland of a brilliant combination of stars and imaginative colors?

Multicolored Star Nails

The star have many color,such as pink ,yellow, bule ,pupure and so on. A simple star nail is exciting and colorful! Reproduce this look, just a light varnish and any flash of stars on the nails. The project ends, and the system automatically integrates the content.

Black Nails

The project ends with an automatic content filling system. This type of schematic style is easy to reproduce and applies to almost any activity. You can find a complete set of stickers, create a pattern, or put it organically on your nails. Put the shape on top – you can choose a neutral background color or something light to get the natural effect.

Classic black horns are raised to a new level by producing shapes on a bare bed. Use a little adhesive tape or star disc, put them on your fingers, and cover in dark color until completely covered. After polishing and drying, take off the shape and leave the body outline. As an incentive, to get an interesting twist, you use one of the remaining stickers and put it on the bare number. It is the way to go ahead with fashion. Why not give it a try?


Are you a fan of astrology, or what does the night sky mean? The beauty and fashion of this sort of paradise are full of meaning. Using a soft pink base, blue stars can be put on some fingers; the rest are free. Add a golden moon and design to different techniques to achieve a multidimensional effect. Since the eyes are the gateway to the soul, nail art is not just a beautiful design.

Moon And Stars Coffin Manicure

The project ends with an automatic filling system of the tip of a fingernail of content with the writing of a sliver of snow, flashes of light, and stars, which immediately increases your overall effect and is suitable for winter wives. No matter how long or long your nails are, this is a beautiful choice to show your love of snow and the night sky.

This spectacular beauty is the perfect choice for a Christmas party or wedding. The flashing pepper on the central nails has the effect of flashing, and the stars contribute to a brighter design. To make yourself look dazzling, leave the other ends on a soft, thin, bare base, and let both the middle and the infamy speak. This gradual style design, which combines silver or gold colors, looks fantastic and will surely attract everyone’s attention.