37 Ideal Short Almond Nails to Go with The Trend 2021

Ideas for acrylic nails to almond almond-shaped short is the mixture of two shapes, stiletto and oval. The same is a beautiful creation. Upgrade your nails as you like because the choice is big and beautiful. Short almond nails will make every day more beautiful because everyone wants to see beautiful things.

Nails to almond are trendy, sexy, and elegant. Short almond is a streamlined version of nails. Compared to the nails stiletto pointy, is more soft and low. The delicate shape is more suitable for women who love long fingernails. Of course, the design of the short nails to almond is just as good.

Short almond nails will instantly make your hands look longer and more feminine, and because of their lengthy shape, there are endless manicure ideas you can do with almond shapes nails. We prepared for you nail ideas almond most popular and court this year. These 37 designs for nails short-almond are perfect for nails and should be your list of things to Do in 2021.

Go for something fun on short almond nails

Given the wide base of an almond nail, you have a lot of opportunities to mix it up. Why not go for something fun and experiment? Start with a classic design and add a strike.

If you’re already making a statement with an almond nail shape, why not go for a classic color like this soft pink. Pretty in pink. Spots for your paws. All corniness aside, animal prints add a bit of fun to your nails and will spice up any outfit.

Beautiful and unique short almond nails

Suppose blue lavender and Patel were not quite beautiful and unique. In that case, this nail art also features a gorgeous topcoat unicorn shimmering, making it a natural manicure, perfect for festivals or exits night with a simple dress black or white.

Instead of the regular manicure French nude and white, this look for shaped nail art almond uses crystals as French tips, and the result is luxurious. With the metallic rose gold, there is no need for any other element.This nail art is perfect in its simple, yet eye catching way.

Short almond nails with full of praise

Nails-shaped almonds must not be necessarily very long to look beautiful. This graceful design for nails presents pastel pink and white with adorable bows, polka dot.

On the other hand, long nails-shaped almonds are great if you want to experience colors and shapes, as this fantastic design mosaic, characterized by white, shades of pink, and Dove. If you feel more daring, try this look mosaic with turquoise, orange and beige!