• 30 Best short square nails ideas and Trends nails design 2021

    30 Best short square nails ideas and Trends nails design 2021

    Short square nails ideas: Just as people's most desired eyebrow shapes have changed over the years, from perfect eyebrow trimming to fluffy, natural arches, the condition of nails is the same. In the past, to prevent the nail's edge from falling off, people only needed to file the nail flat, but now, the nail tip pointed into various shapes. #shortsquarenails, #shortcoffinnails, #shortnails

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    Pretty blue sky nails designs and ideas for your summer nails 2021

    Blue sky nails will become your favorite in the summer holiday 2021.inspired by the Caribbean waters, leisure by the pool, and blue Curaçao; bold blue shadows are the popular summer blue sky nails trend. Celebrities such as Selena Gomes (Selena Gomez), Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), and Candice swap (Candice Swanepoel) are all members of this color family. They use cobalt blue, cyan, and light blue to decorate your fingers. This is very different from the soft neutral tone and deep vampy tone usually used in colder months. When we stay in the office in warm summer, we like this kind of navigation, nodding nails, short almond nails, square nails, cuter…

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    35+ best square nail shape for your summer nails designs

    square nail shape is the best nails ideas for your summer. It's always a pleasure to go to a nail salon or spend time doing your nails, but it's tricky to choose with so many shaping options. Should you eat almonds? Try Square? Do you like it? We asked nail experts which nail shapes are the most popular so that you can find the nail that suits you best. Free Rose, a famous manicurist in Brooklyn, New York, suggests that first, to find the nail shape that best suits your hands and fingers, first check your epidermis. If your nails are oval, she offers to match them with oval nails.…

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    Cute summer nails are trendy in the summer holiday

    Cute summer nails are trendy in the summer holiday.The beach and barbecue are finally coming, which means it's time to plan your summer manicure. Wearing a pair of bright-colored summer nails is not only good-looking, but also a pair of bright-colored summer nails can make you quickly adapt to the warm weather when memorial day in the United States is approaching.Whether you are ready to return to the nail salon or become a DIY manicure master in the past year, you are free to learn about the nail art trends we have been following in the past few months. This nail polish is ideal for people with different tastes and…

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    35 Pretty summer nail designs 2021

    The arrival of summer provides us with many opportunities to show our beauty, which is not only reflected in the color and style of clothes but also in other small details. Nail is a good choice, especially in the summer, there are many choices and designs of nails. Next, let’s take a taste of the style of summer nail design. And very soon, when we discover nail to fracture, honestly, and sometimes even faster. we share our ideas. Also, if we say that, if not much is done, trendy almonds do not look bad. The fact is that all almond nails need a certain length to have a slightly more…