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    Cute summer nails are trendy in the summer holiday

    Cute summer nails are trendy in the summer holiday.The beach and barbecue are finally coming, which means it's time to plan your summer manicure. Wearing a pair of bright-colored summer nails is not only good-looking, but also a pair of bright-colored summer nails can make you quickly adapt to the warm weather when memorial day in the United States is approaching.Whether you are ready to return to the nail salon or become a DIY manicure master in the past year, you are free to learn about the nail art trends we have been following in the past few months. This nail polish is ideal for people with different tastes and…

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    40 Elegant French Coffin Nail Designs To Inspire You!

    So what is french coffin nail designs? As long as the individual has been manicuring, there are two main shapes: spherical and square. We are ready for various nail designs. Happy, nail addicts; as a result, we finally have something new. Coffin nails, or commonly known as ballet-shaped nails, are a further classic exploration of nail art. They bend to the top of the place where they are leveled to create visible curiosity and edges. French coffin nail designs have been at the top of the list for some time, but not everyone knows they have been popular for several years. The problem is that this shape became popular in…

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    Classic gel coffin summer nail designs for you 2021!

    Need some nail eraser inspiration? So you've come to the right place! We found 30 of the gorgeous gel nail designs on Instagram. Gel coffin nail designs are lovely because not only do they look great, the polish stays dandruff-free for a few weeks! We love gel nails. There's a reason why frozen nail polish has become the leading cause of modern beauty: it's almost indestructible, it can't be shiny, and it's available in nearly every nail salon. But what is the most appealing aspect of gel nail designs? By the time the purse is opened to inspect the cell phone, the risk of crushing is zero, let alone the…

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    40+ Awesome Colored Acrylic Coffin Nails For Summer Nail Designs!

    So what are colored Acrylic coffin nails? Regardless of the length of time an individual receives nail treatment, there are two basic shapes: round and square. We are ready for different nail designs. Come on, personal nail addicts, because we finally have something new. If you are tired of the formal look of ordinary round nails and square nails, acrylic coffin nails are the best trend this year. Just recently, we discussed different nail shapes. Here let us focus on a unique form – the coffin, also known as ballet nails. colored acrylic coffin nails are perfect for all fashion lovers and true connoisseurs of nail shapes. They got their…

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    How to get ombre coffin nails step by step at home by yourself?

    If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram lately (come on, we know you have), then you may have noticed a new nail ideas trend. No, we’re not talking about elaborate floral nail designs (although we love those) or compote nails (but, like, so cute); Instead, it’s all about ombre coffin nails. The original ombre coffin nails — a French tip with a fuzzy line between the pink base and the white information — soon exploded into a fading of all colors in “gram” and real life. Now, from nude to green, from purple to pink, from white to navy, everything in between exists. Best of all, they’re straightforward to do yourself.…

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    Hottest pink coffin nails for Summer nail color and nail trends 2021

    Everyone loves pink, pink nail polish and nail polish are the best, but you don’t have to keep your promise. You just have to look at the design of these ten coffins. These have some pink coffin nails for summer nail design for you. The long and pink coffin nails with the coffins look gorgeous, especially with the flash. And you don’t need a lot of manicure design patterns to make your nails look lovely because the only moment sells them. Pink coffin nails for Summer nail The pink coffin nails, light pink in color, look perfect when the light hits them the right way. And those pink nails are…

  • Festive St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs

    42 Festive St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs for Your Fashion Inspiration

    Everyone knows that wearing the green St. Patrick’s Day is a must. Your nails are no exception! For festivities, fun, and full of luck this year, try these fun designs for nails for St. Patrick’s Day for preparation for a full day of Proms. St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated and loved. Wear Green details and clovers is customary. And this is why we are here. Make sure you don’t miss great designs makeup also for St. Patrick’s Day. If you don’t want all your St. Patrick inspired nails to include shamrocks, then you should try this. A combination of pastel light green, white and gold nail polish is great…

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    37 Awesome French Tip Long Nails to Bring fashion to Your Manicure

    French tip-long nails are classic models that have stood the test of time. At the same time, the idea of a Middle french manicure is painting the nail tip in a color that integrates or contrasts with the base color. However, These new ideas have many different sides to the French manicure tip. The combination of different kinds of manicures makes it stand nails and a variety of nail art techniques. Nails with French tips are so popular because the appearance of the base is so classic and elegant. The manicure tip French is good at all, by the young people to the elderly. With the french tip manicure, the…