34 Bold pink hair color ideas for pastel to Dark

Pink hair color is a trendy hair color that mixes light hair with light reds. It’s what every millennial girl aspires to these days. This bubblegum shade isn’t going to disappear from the pink hair trend list anytime soon!

One important thing you need to consider about pink hairstyles is your skin tone. Tan to dark-skinned skins are the luckiest as any shade of this dreamy color looks stunning on them. Women with lighter skin tones tend to opt for brighter or muted shades.

The darker your hair, the more time it will take to dye your hair light pink. Play around with this trendy shade, or choose from many pinks. Pink can be vibrant and bold neon or subtle and muted pastels. If you’re unsure whether to dye your entire hair, ask your stylist to start with hair dye.

Pink hair can fade quickly without proper home care, so discuss with your stylist or colorist what products to use, how often to wash your hair and the dos and don’ts of styling.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these trending pretty pink hair colors!

Best Pink hair color and hair dye ideas

Bold pink hair color ideas for pastel to Dark

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