Coolest blue nails design and ideas for the woman in summer 2021

Some blue nail ideas make you looks cool

Show your personality with these fantastic blue lines. Bright blue combines neon yellow and orange to create the right size for a stylish overall look. You can use this manicure on nails of any length or shape-it will add a touch of bright color and vitality to your suit.

When you feel a little redundant, you will not be able to resist this elaborate manicure. The combination of cobalt blue and sparkling silver creates a multi-faceted and Instagram-worthy design for your nails, and it is easy to copy! With a small piece of tape, draw a small triangle in the center of the bed, and then paint it dark. Use metal tones to add a dot to the geometry. Look. This is a simple and practical design, suitable for any length.

Some blue nail ideas make you looks cool

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